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Automate Your Data Extraction with Parsio's AI-Powered Document Parser

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Extract valuable data from PDFs, emails, and other documents easily with Parsio's automatic document parser. Upgrade your data extraction process today with our cutting-edge technology and save valuable time and resources!

Parsio offers a sophisticated, AI-powered document parser that lets you extract valuable data from various sources such as PDFs, emails, and other documents. The tool simplifies and streamlines data extraction, allowing users to save valuable time and resources when handling important documents.

The PDF parser and OCR feature upgrades your data extraction process with its automatic capabilities, reducing or completely eliminating the need for manual data entry. Say goodbye to the tediousness of inputting data manually, and hello to effortless and automated data extraction with Parsio's technology.

With pre-built models for invoices, business cards, ID documents, and more, Parsio can parse any document type quickly and accurately. You can simplify data extraction from tables with variable numbers of rows and extract data from all your incoming emails with Parsio's email parser and attachment parser.

Parsio's email and attachment parser helps enhance overall business productivity, enabling users to capture valuable data in real-time and transform it before sending it to designated business applications. This tool allows you to set up templates for easy data extraction, even adding custom formatting and business logic for more seamless data management.

Parsio comes with a vast range of built-in templates for parsing emails from various platforms like HARO, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and more. With its ability to recognize handwritten and printed text in Latin and European languages, Parsio can be integrated quickly with the tools you are already using. You can export leads' data from your emails to Google Sheets, automatically parse your PDF invoices, and import them into your accounting software, and upload attachments to Cloud Storage and much more!

Using Parsio means businesses can reduce their workforce's burden and automatically manage the overload during holidays. Parsio keeps running even when you or your employees are unavailable, freeing up valuable time for other important tasks.

To save time and benefit from the accuracy of data extraction, users can set up their own email and document parser in mere minutes with Parsio's user-friendly, no-code platform. With over 3,000 leading businesses trusting Parsio, it's time you automate your data extraction with confidence.