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Discover Insights on San Francisco with SanFranciscoGPT

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SanFranciscoGPT is a beta search engine that helps you discover key insights about San Francisco. From crime rates to neighborhood demographics, SanFranciscoGPT provides access to public datasets that offer a unique perspective on the city.

SanFranciscoGPT is a powerful search engine that offers insights into San Francisco's neighborhoods like never before. Whether you're a resident looking for information on your community, a visitor planning a trip to the city, or a data analyst searching for key insights, SanFranciscoGPT has the tools you need to unlock valuable data.

SanFranciscoGPT is a beta search engine that is dedicated to providing users with access to public datasets in San Francisco. By using this app, users can search and analyze data on a range of topics including crime rates, 311 cases, age, race, gender, income, and population. With easy-to-use search query options, users can find insights into public datasets that are not readily available elsewhere.

SanFranciscoGPT offers a range of search options, catering to both basic and advanced users. Basic users can perform simple searches such as "show me all the needles in SF" or "show me all the muggings." These straightforward searches offer quick insights into topics that are important to San Francisco residents and visitors alike.

For advanced users, SanFranciscoGPT offers a range of more complex search queries. For example, users can search for "which four neighborhoods had the most crime incidents involving guns or knives in 2021?" or "what hour of the day do most burglaries occur?" These advanced searches allow analysts to dig deeper into public datasets and uncover insights that may not be immediately apparent.

One of the unique features of SanFranciscoGPT is its focus on demographics. Users can search for information on a range of demographic topics, including the female to male ratio in specific neighborhoods or which 5 neighborhoods have the most encampments per capita. By providing data on demographics, SanFranciscoGPT offers a more nuanced perspective on the city, allowing users to understand the social and economic makeup of specific neighborhoods.

It's important to note that SanFranciscoGPT currently only has data for crime, 311 cases, age, race, gender, income, and population in SF. However, the app is actively working to add more data in the future. The crime and 311 data used by SanFranciscoGPT is sourced from the city's website for public datasets and includes data from 1/1/21 to 4/7/23.

Finally, it's worth noting that SanFranciscoGPT uses SF Analysis Neighborhoods, which are boundaries formed specifically to fit census tracts. This ensures that each neighborhood is well-defined and consistent throughout the app.

In conclusion, SanFranciscoGPT is a powerful tool for anyone looking to gain insights into San Francisco's neighborhoods. With its user-friendly search functionality and access to public datasets, SanFranciscoGPT offers a unique perspective on the city that is both informative and engaging.