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Information and Background

GPT stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer. GPT-3 is a powerful tool initially released in 2020 by OpenAI, it uses deep learning to produce human like text. Given an initial text prompt by anyone it can continue the text by making additions to it just like a human, copying the writing style as well. The quality of output is really high and as such it gets difficult to judge whether the text was written by a human or an AI. GPT-3 is a succesor to OpenAI's GPT-2 model which was launched in February 2019. GPT2 was only capable of performing simple tasks.

How to use the GPT Playground?

Using the playground requires creating an account on the OpenAI platform. After an account is created you get $18 in credits to explore the platform and can use it to try out the different models like Davinci and more. These free credits expire after 4 months so make sure you use them before that! The playground has different "presets" or examples for different use cases like generating a summary of input text, creating bullet points, language translation, writing SQL queries and more. 

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What is GPT3 Pricing?

GPT3 Playground has different models for text completion and their pricing are different based on their speed and quality of responses. Most capable and powerful gpt-3 model "Davinci" costs $0.0200 per 1K tokens. Second best is "Curie" which costs $0.0020 per 1K tokens, it is faster than Davinci but has less capabilities. "Babbage" model is priced at $0.0005 per 1K tokens. The fastest is "Ada" priced at the lowest cost $0.0004 / 1K tokens but can only perform very simple tasks. 1K tokens on OpenAI is approximately equal to 750 words on an average.

Is GPT3 Playground Paid or Free?

GPT3 Playground offers only paid plans for now but they have a free trial in which users can explore different features of the platform. It offers $18 in credits for trial that can be used for anything on the platform. These free credits expire after four months and any further usage results in pay per use based on their pricing and the model used.