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"Introducing Bubbly - Your AI powered virtual assistant in a click!"

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"Experience seamless customer support with Bubbly's AI-powered chatbots that reduce ticket volumes and provide 10x faster solutions. You can create virtual assistants for your website and internal dashboard in just a click, and personalize onboarding sessions. Try Bubbly today!"

Bubbly is revolutionizing customer support with its innovative AI-powered chatbot technology designed for modern businesses. With a virtual assistant for your website, you can experience seamless and 10x faster customer support. By integrating Bubbly's chatbots to your website or internal dashboard, your customers can get the solutions they need to their queries in the shortest time possible, while reducing ticket volumes by up to 30%.

Starting with Bubbly is hassle-free and easy to use. Simply tell Bubbly your website URL, choose the pages you'd like them to learn from, and Bubbly will instantly create a GPT3 AI bot capable of answering any question about your product or service. You can even create multiple bots within Bubbly, for instance, one for your landing page and another for your internal team.

Personalized onboarding sessions are standard for every Bubbly customer. You get to work directly with AI experts to ensure that the chatbot delivers the expected results. Adding Bubbly to your website is straightforward - you only need to copy and paste a single line of Javascript. It's that simple!

Bubbly's chatbots are designed to integrate anywhere, making it possible to include it in your landing pages or internal dashboards. Your customer success team can directly use Bubbly from the dashboard, reducing ticket volumes and freeing up your customer success teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

When it comes to pricing, Bubbly offers two efficient plans to choose from. The starter plan of $29 per month covers up to 30 websites/text blobs, while the professional plan at $99 offers up to 100 websites/text blobs and an additional one for only $1. If you need a custom plan, feel free to get in touch with Bubbly's support team.

The tool's innovative and powerful technology means that users get faster responses with minimal effort. COO of Curryish, Harikrishnan Thoppil affirms Bubbly's abilities, saying, "Bubbly was able to reduce our customer ticket volume by 30% within a week! I am amazed at how powerful of a tool this is!"

In conclusion, whether you're looking to reduce ticket volumes, add an intelligent virtual assistant to your website or provide faster solutions to your customers, Bubbly is the perfect solution for your business. Get started by clicking on the "Get Started" button on the website, and experience seamless support with the power of Artificial Intelligence.