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Personalized learning through generative AI.

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Broadn provides personalized learning experiences with generative AI technology, allowing users to create their own courses based on their learning style. Explore curated knowledge collections, expert opinions, and experience drops tailored to your interests. Join our waitlist for an opportunity to revolutionize the way you learn.

Broadn is a revolutionary learning platform that offers personalized learning experiences through generative AI technology. With the rise of self-paced and cohort-based learning models, it’s evident that the one-size-fits-all approach no longer works, and personalization is the need of the hour.

Broadn’s learning experience is unique as it tailors the entire course to the user’s learning style. The learning experience is based on language models, generative AI and natural language processing, which enables personalized courses to be created. Broadn was founded by two passionate individuals - Calin Drimbau and Victor Paraschiv who possess deep knowledge in machine learning and natural language processing.

Broadn’s approach is built on the concept of experience drops. The broadn mobile app was the first experience drop followed by the AI-in-the-middle newsletter. With the upcoming experience drop, users can now explore how topic searches would look, such as learning about product management through expert opinions from Lenny Rachitsky and his guests.

The platform offers various possibilities to explore a topic. Users can listen to conversations and opinions from experts, get the core idea first via a summary, and then dive into the arguments, or access the content that matter most to them.

Broadn has been gaining immense appreciation and love for its personalized learning experience, and with the limited beta opening in Jan 2023, it's an opportunity that users cannot afford to miss. Sign up for the waitlist today, and witness the transformation of learning with advanced technology.

In conclusion, Broadn is for learners who aspire to unlock their full potential and strive towards continuous growth. With its innovative approach and user-centered experience, Broadn aims to revolutionize the way learning is perceived and executed.