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Protect Your Data with Privacy-First Surveys & Forms for Web 3 Startups.

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BlockSurvey offers end-to-end encrypted surveys and forms for Web 3 startups, providing complete data protection and privacy, while increasing completion rates and ensuring anonymity.

BlockSurvey is the privacy-first survey platform that offers complete data protection and privacy for Web 3 startups through end-to-end encrypted surveys and forms. With no ads or trackers, the platform ensures respondents' privacy and eliminates data breaches, leaks, and trust issues. Built on BlockStack's blockchain, the user has account and data ownership, and the survey data is encrypted end-to-end, making it secure and accessible only by the user. The platform offers a modern privacy-focused design system, intuitive surveys, and advanced analytics that help you obtain insights in no time. With custom branding, embeds, widgets, integrations, and payment acceptance, the platform is the ultimate tool for organizations, students, activists, and many more. Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries and get started for free, no credit card is required, and no time limit on a free account. Protect your data, increase completion rates, get better feedback, and build better organizations with BlockSurvey.