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Effortless Invoice Processing with AI-powered OCR

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Invoice processing is simplified with Procys' AI-powered OCR platform. By automating the data extraction process, we help you save time and resources. To ensure high accuracy and efficiency, our platform also employs self-learning mechanisms. Export processed data in any format from your favorite storage platforms or ERPs. Try Procys for free today!

Procys is an innovative invoice processing platform that simplifies an otherwise cumbersome and time-consuming process. The platform is powered by AI to optimize invoice processing time and save precious resources, both in terms of labor and money. Leveraging advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, Procys can extract data from your invoices automatically, with minimal effort from your team. Procys also employs self-learning mechanisms that allow the platform to learn with each corrected mistake, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency over time.

The platform is designed to process invoices in a few simple steps. First, users can upload invoice files in PDF, scanned, and image formats from their preferred storage platform, API, email, or web interface. Second, the platform interprets and labels each fragment of the document in the correct fields automatically. Finally, users can export the processed data in a structured format in UBL, CSV, or the API depending on their preferences.

One of the most significant advantages of using Procys is the elimination of human errors typically associated with invoice processing. The self-learning engine can easily identify and flag errors while learning from each mistake to ensure high accuracy and efficiency which saves time only taking less than 30 seconds. Additionally, Procys can connect to your existing ERP system or preferred tools using its custom integrations, including Prosys API, Microsoft Business Central, Twinfield, Quickbooks, Zapier, and Holded.

Procys is trusted by many companies across different business sectors, as proven by numerous testimonials from satisfied users. Some of these companies include Daniel Brasa Sered, who appreciates Procys's affordable solutions and quickly streamlined the entire billing process. Arno Vis from Openprovider, invested in Procys after failing to find a smart solution to integrate with their accounting software (Twinfield). Today, they benefit from the AI-powered service.

Procys is founded on a guiding mission to make work more efficient, enjoyable, and automated. The company's goal is to automate 50 billion hours of routine work by December 31st, 2030, using its advanced OCR technology.

In conclusion, if you're looking to optimize your invoice processing, Procys is the solution for you. The platform combines AI-powered OCR technology, self-learning mechanisms, and custom integrations to simplify the process, eliminate errors, and save time and resources. Get started with Procys for free today!