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Augmentir is a connected worker solution that digitizes all processes affecting frontline workers, from hire to retire, with AI-based smart insights that enable targeted reskilling and upskilling, reduce time to productivity and provide individualized guidance and support at the point of work.

In today's era of workforce disruption and churn, it is no longer sufficient to rely on static or paper processes to attain production goals. The digitization of frontline processes has become a must-have to keep up with the velocity of change, but not just digitization. That's where Augmentir comes in.

Augmentir is the world's only Smart Connected Worker Suite that provides industrial companies with the latest AI- based connected worker solution. Connected workers utilized by big manufacturing and service companies, require the most advanced technology to perform at their best and achieve operational excellence year after year. Augmentir provides just that at unparalleled levels.

From "hire to retire," Augmentir enables companies to digitize all of the processes that impact frontline workers. This entails providing AI-based smart insights that reduce time to productivity, target reskilling, and upskilling, and provide individualized guidance and support at the point of work. Augmentir's patented Smart AI foundation closes the loop between training and work execution, delivering the data and in-line insights needed for continuous improvement.

With Augmentir, companies can now digitize and optimize processes that support frontline workers, streamlining work execution, reducing errors, and waste. By integrating smart insights into worker performance, companies can prioritize and optimize upskilling and reskilling opportunities, while guaranteeing safety and quality. Augmentir's AI-based connected worker solution is designed to onboard workers faster, increase digital guidance based on individual needs, and empower workers to perform maintenance jobs safely and correctly.

Augmentir's extensive suite of connected worker capabilities is built on top of its patented Smart AI foundation. This foundation is designed to close the loop between training and work execution, delivering the data and in-line insights necessary to continuously improve operational excellence day-over-day and year-over-year. 

For safety incidents and near-misses, Augmentir enables industrial organizations to digitize their reporting, providing executives with safety scorecards that highlight key KPIs and at-risk procedures. When it comes to quality, Augmentir's digital quality data collection and inspection procedures replace paper processes, reducing errors and waste and ensuring companies are always audit-ready. 

By choosing Augmentir, organizations can ensure equipment uptime and yield while improving the safety, quality, and efficiency of assembly and operator care routines performed by plant management, operations, and maintenance. Preventative maintenance procedures are made convenient with Augmentir's remote expert assistance in the flow of work, thus enabling workers to solve problems quickly. Companies can also digitize the entire skills management lifecycle effortlessly, allowing them to take action to fill skill gaps by visualizing their team's skills matrix.

In conclusion, Augmentir is revolutionizing how industrial companies optimize and digitize the entire process of how their frontline workers operate through its patented Smart AI foundation. Companies that choose Augmentir can rest assured that their workforce will be up-to-date on the latest skills demanded by technology, and every worker will be enabled to perform at their best safely.