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AskUI allows users to automate UI workflows using artificial intelligence on any platform and technology. Their selector-free automation technology frees developers from the traditional, time-consuming approach of identifying elements with object repositories or XPath. Instead, its deep learning algorithms enable the bot to detect any visible UI element and simulate fundamental human interactions.

AskUI is a software automation company that has created an artificial intelligence-powered platform for automating user interface workflows. Their technology is designed to alleviate the problems experienced by developers using the traditional approach of identifying UI elements with object repositories or XPath. AskUI's platform leverages deep learning algorithms to simulate real-user interactions to detect any visible UI element.

Instead of traditional selector-based automation, AskUI's platform allows users to automate anything that can be done with a mouse or keyboard. Leveraging features such as drag and drop, swipe commands, and even color verification, AskUI does not require automation IDs or element selectors. Additionally, the platform does not access underlying code selectors or the Document Object Model (DOM), but instead performs real mouse movements and performs element clicks utilizing the same steps as a human would.

AskUI aims to enable end-to-end automation of UI workflows across multiple applications, including Desktop, Web, Native Mobile, and even platform-independent frameworks such as Flutter, Xamarin, and QT. Their technology is designed to save developers time by detecting any visible UI element available on the system, enabling automation in a completely new way.

AskUI provides numerous benefits for developers seeking to automate UI workflows. The platform enables the automation of all possible UI commands by simulating real interactions. With the help of its artificial intelligence-powered technology, users can define and verify any action and run their automation on any operating system. Additionally, the company has an active community of early adopters, resources, and pricing options, including a free trial.

In conclusion, AskUI provides an innovative solution for automating UI workflows, freeing up developers' time and enabling automation in a completely new way. By leveraging deep learning algorithms, the platform detects any visible UI element, simulating real human interactions, and runs on any platform where UI automation is required. With its rich features and benefits, AskUI is a powerful tool in a developer's arsenal to enable them to automate anything.