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Unlock the power of AI within Google Sheets with Arcwise AI

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Arcwise AI helps Google Sheets users instantly understand, clean, and ingest data with AI-generated formula suggestions, automated data scraping, and ChatGPT embedded in Sheets. Join 5,000+ users and get a copilot that saves time and improves accuracy.

Arcwise AI is a new Google Sheets add-on that empowers users to leverage the powerful capabilities of AI in their everyday work. With instant data understanding, cleaning, and automation, users can save time and improve accuracy in their spreadsheet management.

One of the most impressive features of Arcwise AI is its ChatGPT integration, which allows users to ask natural language questions about their spreadsheets and receive accurate responses and formula suggestions generated by AI. This means users can now use the Sheets formula bar more efficiently, and perform complex calculations like never before.

AI-generated, context-aware formula suggestions from Arcwise AI link to relevant StackOverflow posts, helping users to immediately identify and eliminate errors and streamline workflows. AI formula assistance can even infer the formula without any user input at all, facilitating seamless collaboration and faster decision-making.

Managing data in Google Sheets has never been easier with Arcwise AI. Users can format date columns, clean up messy addresses and summarize text responses with just a few clicks thanks to the automated data scraping capabilities included in the tool. The software seamlessly integrates into Sheets and is backed by a user community that has grown to over 5,000 users already.

Finally, it’s worth noting that early access to the GPT-4 powered formula assistance and sheet explanations is in the works, offering even greater productivity gains and intelligent analysis. Arcwise AI is a product of Archimedes Labs, Inc. and is available for free through the Chrome Web Store. Join the waitlist for GPT-4 and empower your Google Sheets today.