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Automate your sustainability efforts with Arbor's comprehensive product engine to measure and showcase the environmental impact of your products.

Arbor offers a one-click, fully automated sustainability engine to help businesses measure and showcase the environmental impact of their products. With Arbor's comprehensive product engine, companies can automatically calculate their carbon footprint and showcase positive metrics using trust-worthy data sources. Arbor's reporting is compliant with industry-leading reporting standards and meets legislation requirements. The tool is customizable and scalable to all products, enabling businesses to display their environmental impact easily to their audience. Arbor's powerful product engine enables accurate measurement of a company's supply chain impact from cradle to gate. The peer-reviewed data is sourced from industry recognized databases and LCA studies. The engine is designed for sustainability scale-up efforts and helps businesses accelerate the transition towards sustainable e-commerce. Arbor offers a free trial to help companies experience the automation of their sustainability efforts.