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3DFY.ai is a revolutionary text-to-3D web service that generates high-quality 3D models instantly, using generative artificial intelligence. With 3DFY Prompt, anyone can create expressive 3D models from simple text prompts. Our services cater to individual self-expression or mass generation of 3D models for businesses, and all items are generated automatically without compromising on quality.

3DFY.ai is revolutionizing the creation of 3D content with its proprietary, AI-powered, 3D generation pipeline. Until now, the growing demand for 3D content has been restricted by the limitations of legacy solutions such as photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and manual creation. These methods are expensive, time-consuming, and non-scalable, making it difficult to meet the growing demand for 3D content. However, 3DFY.ai is built to meet the requirements of the future by democratizing the creation of 3D content.

With 3DFY Prompt, our text-to-3D web service, anyone can generate high-quality 3D models from simple text prompts instantly. Our entire tech stack is designed to produce 3D models adhering to modern quality standards similar to what a modeler would create, ensuring that we do not compromise on 3D asset quality. Additionally, our technology is built with automation at its core, eliminating the need for human labor and unlocking limitless 3D asset creations.

Our solutions cater to individual self-expression or business use cases that require mass generation of 3D models, such as generating large tailored 3D datasets of digital items according to your specifications or creating 3D virtual objects according to textual prompts. Our services are designed to create high-quality 3D assets at scale, and all items are generated in an automated manner without compromising quality.

For individual creators, we offer 3DFY Prompt playground, our text-to-3D web service, and 3DFY Prompt API for enterprise integrations. Our AR/VR mass creation of 3D assets and simulation services deploy scalable synthetic 3D assets for robotics, autonomous cars, and more. We also have 3DFY megapacks, our massive 3D dataset generation service for enterprise customers, to get custom collections of 3D items your team needs. To be announced is our image-to-3D service, 3DFY Image, for individuals and enterprises.

We offer a range of services for different industries, including online retail and gaming, where we create 3D assets for online storefronts and accelerate the 3D assets creation pipeline for 3D artists. Our services support the growth of the AR/VR ecosystem, and we bring any business into the three-dimensional realm.

Join us in the limitless world of 3D with 3DFY.ai.