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Revolutionize your meetings with Waitroom AI-powered video meetings.

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Say goodbye to unproductive meetings and hello to efficient teamwork with Waitroom AI. The solution is designed to boost focus and accountability, eliminate distractions, and improve productivity for your team. Get started for free and see the results for yourself.

Waitroom is a revolutionary video meeting solution that transforms the way remote teams work together. With a mission to improve the culture of meetings, Waitroom AI-powered meetings help teams stay focused, accountable, and productive.

It's time to say goodbye to unproductive meetings, distractions, and Zoom fatigue and hello to efficient teamwork. Waitroom helps teams streamline collaboration and maintain structure, even in large meetings. Its unique approach encourages active participation, provides structure and focus, and eliminates pointless waffling for distraction-free and efficient meetings.

Empower your team to communicate effectively with Waitroom's AI-powered meeting assistant, Summa. Summa helps team members to express themselves concisely and confidently, fostering trust and respect for others' opinions. This leads to better feedback, enabling your team to make better decisions.

Waitroom also helps team members to improve their communication skills, expressing themselves concisely and confidently, which has a positive impact on their daily lives. With Waitroom, you will save time, receive better feedback, and make better decisions.

Signing up for Waitroom is effortless with no credit card required, and you can start your first meeting in minutes. The platform supports up to 2000 people, has integrated both Google Calendar and Slack integration, and provides transcripts & AI summaries, and clipped recordings.

Waitroom is highly recommended by companies across the globe. CEO & Co-Founder at Trixta, Mark Levitt, called Waitroom "our go-to platform for daily standups", and founder at Build In Public Studio, Karthik Puvvada, praised Waitroom's "simple and intuitive layout and allows me to respond quickly".

Waitroom is not only for remote teams. It's also perfect for public events, and you can view public events on the website. If you want to revolutionize your meetings and enjoy efficient teamwork, Waitroom AI-powered video meetings are the solution you need.

Get started for free today and experience the benefits of Waitroom for yourself. Your browser-based meetings have never been this productive before.