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"Revolutionizing Voice Notes with AI Summaries"

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"Get rid of the hassle of listening to lengthy voice notes on IMessage and Whatsapp with AI Summarized Voice Notes. Simply subscribe to any plan,forward the message to the provided number and have extremely detailed and accurate summaries of your voice notes delivered in seconds. With support for over 50 languages and lightning-fast results,revolutionize the way you manage your voice notes today!"

Are you tired of lengthy voice notes on IMessage and Whatsapp? Do you find it challenging to keep up with your messages, leading to missed information? Welcome to the smart solution - AI Summarized Voice Notes!

Revolutionizing the way you manage your voice notes, AI Summarized Voice Notes delivers a powerful and extremely detailed summary of your voice notes within seconds. No more quirky listening experiences, no more missing out on essential details. With AI Summarized Voice Notes, you can have concise, accurate, and relevant summaries of your voice notes without lifting a finger.

Built to fit right into your workflow, AI Summarized Voice Notes requires no app download. All you need to do is subscribe to any plan, provide your iMessage or Whatsapp number to Stripe, and receive a message from the AI bot. Forward future messages to that number, and within 2-20 seconds (depending on the length of the audio), you'll have your AI summary at your fingertips.

AI Summarized Voice Notes supports 50+ languages, with the ability to provide extremely accurate summarization across these languages. From English to Mandarin, no matter what your voice note language is, AI Summarized Voice Notes has got you covered!

Your privacy is of utmost importance, and that's why AI Summarized Voice Notes delete all voice messages immediately after they have been summarized. The service also never persists summaries to their database, with subscription cycle information being the only data stored.

No more downloading of apps! With AI Summarized Voice Notes, you don't have to leave IMessage or Whatsapp to get started. Forward the message you want to be summarized, and within seconds, get your results almost immediately.

But what about pricing? While there is no free plan, AI Summarized Voice Notes offers a free trial for a few days. The cheapest plan costs around $2/month, and all payments are processed securely by Stripe.

AI Summarized Voice Notes doesn't limit to individuals! With support for group messaging, the Premium and Ultimate plans offer the opportunity to revolutionize team voice notes too.

Should you need to speak to a real human, simply send an email to Whether you need to update your phone number or manage your subscription, the Manage my subscription button is conveniently located at the top of the page.

In conclusion, AI Summarized Voice Notes is an innovative solution for managing lengthy voice notes. From lightning-fast results to multilingual support, AI Summarized Voice Notes is your go-to for hassle-free summarization. Built with love at Ayinke Ventures, AI Summarized Voice Notes is sure to elevate the way you manage your voice notes!