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"Streamline your browsing experience with Virtuo's AI-powered tooltips, summarizer, content generator, code explainer and more. Access ChatGPT from any website and never switch between tabs!"

Are you tired of constantly switching tabs to access various tools and websites? Say hello to Virtuo, the latest AI-powered tool that brings the power of ChatGPT to any website you visit. With its user-friendly interface and simple shortcut key, you can instantly access definitions, generate content, paraphrase text, and summarize content right from your tab browsing. Virtuo's content generator even allows you to create well-formatted content in seconds! Whether you're a new programmer or just someone looking to simplify their workflow, Virtuo has something for you. The best part? You get lifetime access for a one-time fee and can even use your own OpenAI API key. With custom prompts, shortcuts and a Windows app soon to be added, Virtuo is the tool every browser needs. Get it now for just $49 for a limited time!