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TurboHire - The Ultimate Recruitment Automation Platform

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Streamline your recruitment process with TurboHire - the complete automation solution for every aspect of recruiting.

TurboHire is a globally compliant recruitment automation platform trusted by over 120 companies across 15 major industries. It combines the power of 6+ types of recruiting products into one all-in-one solution. The TurboHire platform creates a single repository of resume and job data and provides automation modules for sourcing, screening, engagement, interview, and offer. This leads to the automation of 85% of manual recruiting activities with the analytics layer encompassing all activities of all stakeholders to provide increased visibility into the recruitment process. Among the many benefits of using TurboHire are reduced errors and delays, faster recruitment, and improved productivity of recruitment teams. TurboHire is a diverse toolkit of tools built to solve your recruiting challenges from campus hiring to high volume hiring, diversity hiring, and sales recruiting. The platform offers more than 50 integrations with job boards, assessments, communication tools, and background verification providers. TurboHire has been awarded the G2 Top 50 HR Products 2023 and is compliant with global regulations including ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC 2, and EEO. Join over 120+ of the world’s top businesses and see how TurboHire can improve your recruitment process.