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Get a team of AI assistants to boost your productivity! Use the TeamSmart AI Chrome extension with your OpenAI API key to summarize content, generate code, draft tweets, and more directly inside your browser. Choose from a variety of AI team members with specific specializations, such as a health coach or page analyzer, and get instant access to their expertise.

TeamSmart AI offers a browser extension that provides users with immediate access to a team of AI assistants to help boost their productivity. With the use of an OpenAI API key, users can enjoy a plethora of features, such as content summarization, code generation, and tweet drafting, within their browser. The AI team members are equipped with different specializations, such as health coaching, page analysis, tailwind components generation, and more. Users can select specific members that best suit their needs, access-specific functionalities with a keyboard shortcut, and store their data securely on their local devices. TeamSmart AI also offers a better user interface, color code previews, domain availability checking, and customized code highlights. The extension is free to install, and users can upgrade to the premium version for additional features with a one-time purchase. Plus, using your own OpenAI API key is usually cheaper than paying for a ChatGPT subscription. TeamSmart AI was received with excitement during its launch, and users gave the product high praise, commending the app for its accessibility, ease of use, and helpful AI team members.