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Cut chat in half with Threads - The Slack replacement designed for makers.

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Threads is a chat platform designed to streamline and simplify communication for makers. With powerful AI features and integrations with popular tools, Threads helps teams cut chat in half and stay focused on deep work.

Threads are transforming the way teams communicate by providing a simple, focused canvas for sharing work and getting feedback. Designed with makers in mind, Threads offers powerful AI features and integrations with popular tools to help teams cut chat in half and stay focused on what matters.

Unlike other chat platforms, Threads is purpose-built to streamline communication and eliminate distractions. With customizable AI prompts and summaries, teams can quickly and easily document conversations and action items without getting bogged down in lengthy chat streams. And with integrations with Github, Figma, Sentry, Linear, Jira, Intercom, and many others, Threads makes it easy to keep all your work in one place.

Threads also offer a variety of themes, including light and dark modes, to suit any team's preferences. And with a developer API and integrations with Zapier and Pipedream, teams can create custom integrations to further streamline their workflows.

But don't just take our word for it - Threads has already earned rave reviews from users: "Threads is the single best tool my team has adopted in years," says Matt Redler, CEO of Panther. "It empowers us to engage in organized, thoughtful conversations while protecting our time for deep work."

So if you're looking for a way to streamline communication and stay focused on deep work, give Threads a try - you won't be disappointed.