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Find the perfect text for your social media images with Taggy's AI-powered captions and hashtags. Create custom captions that will increase the visibility of your content on social networks.

Taggy is the perfect tool for individuals, content creators, and companies who want to enhance their social media presence. With Taggy's AI-powered captions and hashtags, users can easily find the perfect text to accompany their social media images. Taggy generates custom captions and quotes based on the content of your photo, allowing you to add or remove hashtags and generate new texts. The platform works by using AI to detect and rank the keywords in your photo, and then converts them into SEO-optimized text, themes, and hashtags. This means that you can easily copy the text with the hashtags and use them in your publication. Taggy is a powerful tool that will help you take your social media game to the next level. Made with love by L Javier Tovar and Alejandro Mendiola.