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Never Miss a Word with Tactiq's Real-time Transcription

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Tactiq offers real-time transcription for online meetings to ensure that users don't miss a single word during important discussions. With Tactiq's built-in speaker identification and summary generation using Open AI ChatGPT, users can focus on the conversation without worrying about taking notes.

Tactiq understands the importance of staying present and focused during meetings. Organizing, summarizing and capturing discussions for future references can be a tedious and time-consuming task for professionals. Tactiq has created a solution for this with its real-time transcription tool for Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams and Webex. With Tactiq, professionals never miss a word of the discussions which can be a great advantage for remote teams.
Tactiq has become the go-to tool for over 250,000 users in 10,000 organizations as it offers a bot-free solution to meeting transcriptions. Tactiq's built-in speaker identification features make sure that every utterance is captured, enabling users to focus completely on the call. With the OpenAI ChatGPT integration, Tactiq's tool also generates summaries of the discussion, action items, and the next meeting's agenda, saving users valuable time and effort.
After all the discussions have concluded, Tactiq's tools make sharing the notes much simpler. Users can share the full transcript, summary, and quotes with the tools they're already using, such as Google Docs, Notion, Quip, Slack, and others. This helps in keeping the discussions and notes in one place and making it easily accessible for future reference.
Security is a major concern for many professionals when it comes to meeting transcriptions, and Tactiq has answered that challenge. Tactiq stores the transcripts in a highly encrypted format, ensuring that users' information is kept secure and confidential.
Additionally, Tactiq's integration with Google Cloud technology has officially certified it as a Google Cloud Partner via the technology track. Tactiq has made meeting transcription easier, more secure, and more organized. Many professionals have shared their experiences with Tactiq, highlighting their satisfaction with how this tool has benefitted them and saved countless hours of work. From Product Managers to Leadership Coaches, Tactiq has been able to make a difference in professionals' lives.
Overall, Tactiq provides an excellent solution for businesses, organizations, or even individual professionals who need to keep accurate records of their meetings. Tactiq enables users to stay present, focused, and organized during online meetings, making it the perfect tool for people who value their time and want to succeed in their career. Download Tactiq's Chrome extension today and experience the benefits of real-time transcription first-hand.