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Last Updated: is a free online tool that allows users to summarize text, PDFs, YouTube videos, and Twitter threads quickly and easily. Developed by @maail, is a go-to tool for people in need of condensed, concise summaries. is a free online tool designed to help people quickly and easily summarize anything from text to PDFs, YouTube videos, and Twitter threads. Developed by @maail, provides users with condensed, concise summaries that are perfect for a variety of applications.

With, users can quickly get the gist of any topic, without having to wade through endless pages of information. Whether you're a student studying for exams, a researcher trying to condense information for a report, or just someone who wants to stay informed, is the perfect tool for you.

One of the key benefits of is its ease of use. Simply paste in the text or URL you want to summarize, and let the tool do the rest. uses Open AI API to provide accurate, high-quality summaries, meaning you can trust the results you get.

To use, users can also enter their own Open AI API key, allowing them to take advantage of the full range of functionality the tool has to offer. However, for those who don't have their own API key, still provides great results for free. was created out of a desire to help people save time and simplify complex information. While other summarization tools can be costly, is completely free, making it accessible to everyone. Additionally, does not save any of the information users input, so users can feel secure knowing their data is safe.

In conclusion, is a fast, easy-to-use, and free tool designed to help people summarize anything, from text to PDFs to YouTube videos and Twitter threads. So whether you're a student, researcher, or just someone who wants to stay informed, give a try and see how it can help you save time and simplify information.