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Work smarter with Socratic. Instant answers, personalized forecasting, and insightful data all in one task management platform. Perfect for engineering and product teams looking to improve their workflow and deliver faster.

Socratic is a new kind of task management platform, offering a range of features designed to help engineering and product teams work better, easier, and faster. With instant answers, personalized forecasting, and insightful data all in one place, Socratic helps teams stay on top of their work activity while providing a real-time view into health and progress. This eliminates the need for manual rollups and gives teams a true view of capacity and workload. Socratic also provides a range of intelligent forecasting tools, taking the guesswork out of due dates and allowing teams to project durations for every task. With Git integration, Socratic automates workflows and delivers a complete view of code activity and history across all relevant repositories. Socratic also offers a range of smart practices and myth busting content, providing teams with prescriptive, actionable intelligence to help them work better. Trusted by top teams, Socratic is the ultimate tool for those looking to work smarter and deliver faster.