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Get instant access to ChatGPT's AI-powered assistant with SideChat. It's a free and fast way to get help with any query you have, without losing context. With just one click or key press, SideChat lets you use the latest ChatGPT model from anywhere and on any website. Your privacy is also important to us as we don't send or collect any additional data.

SideChat is an AI-powered chat assistant that lets you access ChatGPT's expertise in real-time. It is designed to help you with any queries you may have, and its service is available anytime in any browser tab. SideChat is a free and fast alternative that allows you to use the latest and fastest ChatGPT model without hassle?

One of the primary advantages of SideChat is that it provides quick access to ChatGPT without leaving your current browsing context. This feature makes it straightforward to access instant chat assistance to your queries without having to navigate away from your current tab. It is also available anywhere, making it an ideal tool for people who need to multitask without sacrificing efficiency.

SideChat comes with direct access to OpenAI's ChatGPT API, so no additional data requests are needed. With SideChat, you gain direct access to the latest ChatGPT model, allowing for a more focused, architecturally-perceptive interaction. The latest model ensures that you receive the latest information, especially in fast-paced situations.

One of the most convenient features of SideChat is how easy it is to access any website. With just one click or key press, you can open SideChat on any website and start chatting with ChatGPT. This easy-to-use interface means accessing information has never been more straightforward.

In addition, SideChat allows you to use the latest ChatGPT model but better, faster, and from everywhere. You can choose from different assistants for every task, either a specialized assistant or the default ChatGPT helper. Furthermore, the sleek UI is built on top of ChatGPT's data and provides structured data and code snippets, giving a beautiful experience.

Privacy is an essential factor that SideChat takes into account with utmost priority. With SideChat, your data and privacy are important to us as we don't send or collect any additional data. Everything is being sent directly to the OpenAI API, and Sidechat ensures that personal data remains private.

To conclude, SideChat offers quick, convenient, and efficient access to ChatGPT's AI-powered assistant in all browser tabs. Its direct access to OpenAI's ChatGPT API means you get the latest information directly from the latest model in the most efficient way. Adding SideChat to your browser is effortless and straightforward, so you can access ChatGPT's knowledge from anywhere. As a result, SideChat is a must-have tool for anyone who demands a fast, efficient, and reliable source of information.