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Get actionable insights for faster product-market fit with RhetorAI's automated user interviews.

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RhetorAI enables time-efficient user interviews for founders and product researchers with AI. Add a link to your website or email, and our AI conducts expert follow-up questions to uncover deep customer motivations and pain points, with transcripts stored forever.

Are you a founder struggling to find time to carry out user interviews? Do you want to understand your customers' pain points and create a product that people will love? RhetorAI is here to help. Our AI automates user interviews for faster product-market fit. By creating an interview link, our AI is available 24/7 to interview your users and provide you with actionable insights just like an AI product researcher. RhetorAI makes conducting hundreds of interviews a day effortless, and it is the tool to help you generate hypotheses from customers, get to PMF faster, and make customer-driven decisions.

With RhetorAI, adding an interview link to your website or email is a breeze. Interview transcripts flow in automatically, enabling founders and product researchers to conduct 10x more interviews. Struggling to remember what customers said? RhetorAI stores all your transcripts, allowing you to review them whenever necessary. Our AI even goes beyond the constraints of user surveys, enabling you to test price sensitivity, understand your main benefit, gauge product stickiness, find word-of-mouth growth, prioritize features, get design feedback, and discover unexpected use cases.

Do you worry about crafting the perfect question and obtaining valuable insights from users? Our tool is trained to ask expert follow-up questions, diving deeper into your users' needs and desires, so you don't have to. If you have a lot of responses, our summarization feature quickly identifies and prioritizes the most important insights, allowing you to prioritize your product roadmap.

While analytics can be useful for validating a hypothesis, you first need one to test. RhetorAI generates hypotheses from customers, giving you the "how" and "why" that data alone cannot provide. If you are looking for a tool to help you uncover deep customer insights and achieve product-market fit faster, look no further than RhetorAI. Create your first interview link in just five minutes and book a demo today.