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REimagine is an AI-powered interior and exterior design platform that allows users to transform their spaces with just a few clicks. Upload an image or choose from a sample to get started and let our AI show you inspiring designs in seconds. Unlock creative possibilities and redecorate your home or office with ease.

REimagine is an innovative design platform that makes it easy for anyone to transform their interior and exterior spaces with AI-powered tools. Whether you want to redesign your living room, bedroom, bathroom or outdoor area, REimagine has got you covered.

The platform allows users to upload images of their spaces or try out designs using sample images. Our AI then evaluates architectural elements, detects room types, understands preferred design styles, and adheres to your color preferences and text instructions. With just a few clicks, you can completely transform your space and unlock endless creative possibilities.

REimagine is also perfect for those looking to freshen up their furnished space. Our AI automatically considers all architectural elements, such as doors and walls, as well as furniture pieces, ranging from beds to paintings. Our masked image tool allows you to isolate individual pieces, making it easier to experiment with different styles and designs.

But it's not just interior spaces that REimagine can help with. Our AI-powered landscaping and patio tools allow users to redesign their exterior spaces, taking into account architectural elements such as lawns, backyards, pools, and outdoor furniture and appliances. From benches to barbeque setups, REimagine has got you covered.

At REimagine, we take privacy and security seriously. Our privacy policy and terms of use ensure that our users' data and designs are protected. For any questions or concerns, our team can be reached at

REimagine is revolutionizing the home design industry, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere. Try it for free today and discover how easy and fun designing your space can be.