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Simplify your receipt management process with Receipt-AI. Save 95% of your time and increase productivity by using AI-powered software that doesn't require any app downloads. Collaborate with your team and easily connect to your Xero account for hassle-free data downloads and bulk uploads. Try it now and free up space, eliminate lost receipts, and streamline your accounting tasks.

Receipt management can be a time-consuming task, but with Receipt-AI, it's made simple and hassle-free. By leveraging AI technology, users can save 95% of their time and increase productivity with a single click of a button. The future of accounting software is introduced with the ability to just take a picture and text it to the Receipt-AI system. The machine learning technology extracts information from the receipt images, such as the date, merchant name, and total amount. What's more, there's no need to type any messages as the image recognition technology recognizes the images as separate receipts and stores them in the user's account. Receipt-AI makes receipt management easy by eliminating the need for app downloads and simplifying the entire process.

Collaboration is also made simple as users can invite team members to upload their receipts with just a phone number. Bulk uploads are also supported, making data downloads a breeze with a user-friendly interface. Receipt-AI's compatibility with Xero makes it easy to connect to an existing Xero account, and users can upload data in seconds, making it up to 50 times faster than competitors like DEXT and Expensify.

With Receipt-AI, users can choose from two different plans tailored to their needs. The Solo plan, costing $20 per month billed annually, is designed for one person, with up to 800 receipts per year. The Start-Up plan, priced at $39 a month billed annually, is perfect for teams of up to four people, with up to 1600 receipts per year. Both plans include secure storage in the cloud, export receipts to CSV, and the ability to upload receipts to Xero.

Receipt-AI currently supports US and Canada, but expansion to other countries is in the works. Those interested can submit their email to be notified when the service reaches their location. Users can also contact Receipt-AI's support team for help with any issues they may encounter.

In addition to simplifying the receipt management process, Receipt-AI eliminates the need for taking pictures, uploading receipts to a computer, renaming, and attaching them to a CSV file, freeing up time and increasing efficiency. With Receipt-AI, users don't have to worry about holding onto receipts anymore, no more lost receipts, they are all secure in the cloud. Receipt-AI is passionate about providing a top-quality product and is proud to offer what it believes is the best solution for businesses.

Receipt-AI's easy-to-use interface, compatibility with Xero, fast processing times, and secure cloud storage make it an essential tool for individuals and teams to save time and increase productivity. Try it for free today and see how Receipt-AI can simplify your receipt management process.