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RecapIt is an AI-powered news platform that offers personalized audio news recaps based on your interests. Stay updated on the most relevant stories of the day without wasting hours combing through multiple news sources. Sign up for free and receive daily news briefings straight to your WhatsApp or Telegram.

Have you ever spent hours browsing through multiple news sources just to stay updated on the latest happenings in the world? RecapIt offers a solution to this problem by providing an AI-powered news platform that offers personalized audio news recaps based on the topics of your interest.

RecapIt's user-friendly platform simplifies your news intake with a daily rundown of the most relevant stories delivered straight to your WhatsApp or Telegram. With over 60,000 news providers and 1,500,000 news articles daily, you'll never miss a beat.

Signing up for RecapIt is easy and takes only a minute. With three simple steps, you can receive your recaps every morning, tailored to your interests and routine. The platform's chatbot also makes it easy to ask questions about any news story, providing all the answers in a snap.

RecapIt stands out from other news platforms with its artificial intelligence technology that summarizes news articles in a personalized and easy-to-listen format. Early users are already raving about how RecapIt simplifies their lives, with one user saying, "Previously it took me 1 hour per day to stay informed. Now just 2 minutes."

The RecapIt platform is not only customizable, but it also offers a unique experience for every user. James, an MBA student, alongside Alice, a CEO, and Alex, a startup founder, all receive a unique news recap tailored to their respective interests.

If you're worried about missing out on important news, RecapIt has got you covered. With its daily audio recaps and personalized news delivery, you stay informed without wasting time. Sign up for free now – no credit card required.


How does RecapIt work?
RecapIt uses AI technology to summarize news articles from over 60,000 news providers and provides a personalized and easy-to-listen audio news update delivered to your phone every morning based on your selected interests.

What kind of news can I expect to receive through RecapIt?
RecapIt offers comprehensive coverage of news stories across various topics such as business, politics, sports, entertainment, and more. You can personalize your news selection based on your interests to receive news stories most relevant to you.

How often will I receive news updates with Recapit?
RecapIt delivers daily audio recaps straight to your WhatsApp or Telegram every morning.

How can I personalize my news with RecapIt?
When signing up for RecapIt, you'll be asked to select topics of interest that include business, politics, sports, entertainment, and more. You can update your interests anytime to make sure you receive news stories relevant to your current preferences.

How can I give feedback or report a problem with RecapIt?
Recapit prides itself on constantly improving its platform and welcomes feedback from its users. You can report any issues or provide feedback through the contact page on the website.

In summary, RecapIt revolutionizes the way you consume news with a user-friendly, AI-powered platform that simplifies your news intake. Stay informed and up-to-date with the most relevant stories in just minutes, with customizable options for your specific interests. Sign up for free, and start your day with a personalized news briefing!