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Explore and visualize datasets with just one click on RATH - an AI-powered Augmented Analytics platform. From autopilot exploratory data analysis to generating visualizations with insights, RATH offers a fully-automated way to discover patterns, insights, and causals. Join the Rath community to stay updated!

RATH is an AI-powered Augmented Analytics platform that offers a fully-automated way to explore and visualize datasets with just one click. Its autopilot exploratory data analysis feature generates visualizations with insights so that you don't have to spend hours identifying patterns, insights, and causals manually.

The RATH APP offers several features to augment your data analysis process. Whether you're looking to discover patterns or gain insights into the data, the Augmented analytic engine, Copilot for Data Exploration, Data Painter, and Causal Analysis features can help you achieve your data analysis goals.

By using RATH's AI-enhanced data wrangling, data cleaning, data transformation, and data sampling features, data preparation has become easier than ever. After exploring and preparing your data, you can use the Embed Anywhere feature to add lightweight, easy-to-use, and embeddable data visualization tools to your current workflow without switching to new software.

Apart from the RATH APP, Kanaries also offers Graphic Walker, an embeddable data visualization tool that provides a light and easy-to-use interface for creating and sharing visualizations. With Kanaries, you can redefine the workflow of data wrangling, exploration, and visualization with AI-powered automation.

At Kanaries, we aim to revolutionize Business Intelligence with the power of open source. Our AI-powered automation helps you boost your productivity, save time and resources, and make better business decisions.

To get started with RATH, join the Rath community and follow us on Twitter, Linkedin, and ProductHunt. You can also read the latest articles from our blog to stay updated on data science and analytics. Kanaries offers comprehensive documentation and tutorials to help you get started with our platform.

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