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Find your perfect investor with Raizer - the AI-powered platform for successful fundraising. Reach out to relevant VCs and Angel investors for free using Raizer.

Raizer is an AI-powered fundraising platform that connects startup founders with relevant investors. The platform saves entrepreneurs valuable time by aggregating data on thousands of VCs and Angel investors and providing their preferences and contact information. Raizer also allows founders to generate highly personalized messages using AI and choose the tone of voice that best suits them. Additionally, the platform offers warm intros to over 500 top VCs, family funds, and Angel investors, ensuring that the connections made are authentic and highly targeted. Raizer has received positive feedback from founders who have found the platform to be efficient and effective in connecting them with the right investors. With Raizer, fundraising no longer has to be a full-time job, and startup founders can focus on building their businesses. Get started for free and subscribe to the best weekly deals from Raizer.