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Streamline your chats with Prompta - the open-source ChatGPT client.

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Prompta is an open-source ChatGPT client designed to simplify your digital conversations. With cross-device syncing and offline chat search capabilities, this keyboard-focused UI client is the perfect solution for anyone seeking more organization and convenience. Download now or launch in your browser with your own API key.

Prompta, developed by Ian Sinnott, is a one-of-a-kind open-source ChatGPT client that provides a user-friendly interface for streamlined conversations. Its advanced cross-device syncing feature ensures that you never miss a message, regardless of which device you are using. With its unique ability to search through your offline chats, you can easily find and reference conversations at any time.

Unlike other clients, Prompta offers full keyboard control, so you can effortlessly navigate through your chats and quickly find the information you need. Additionally, you can bring your own API key for a more personalized experience, allowing for more seamless integration with other systems and tools.

One of Prompta's standout features is its local chat storage. All conversations are stored locally, which means you can access them quickly even when you're not connected to the internet. This makes it a perfect option for users on-the-go, such as remote workers or frequent travelers.

Prompta is available for download on Github, but if you prefer to use it in the browser, it's as easy as launching with your own API key. Whether you're managing multiple projects or simply looking for more organization in your digital communications, Prompta is the comprehensive solution you need to elevate your chat game.