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Perfect Biometric Photos for Your Passport, ID, and Visa Needs

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PhotoAiD helps you get perfect biometric photos for your passport, ID, and visa needs quickly and easily from home. Use your smartphone and our online tool to take and edit your photo, ensuring compliance with each country's unique guidelines. Get your photo taken in seconds and avoid the hassle and cost of going to a professional photographer.

PhotoAiD is a user-friendly online tool that simplifies the process of obtaining perfect biometric photos for your passport, ID, and visa needs. With advances in technology, there is now an easier and cheaper way to get your photos taken, without the hassle of visiting a professional photographer. PhotoAiD's app uses artificial intelligence to ensure your photo complies with the guidelines of each country’s specific document.

Whether you need a photo for a passport, ID card, visa or driving license, PhotoAiD has got you covered. Simply use your smartphone to take a photo that meets the guidelines of the document you require, and upload it to our app. Our tool removes the background, crops and sizes the photo, and verifies it, making sure it meets the requirements of each specific application.

Passport photos, for example, have specific size requirements depending on the country you are applying to. PhotoAiD can prepare passport photos for almost any country including the US, Canada, the UK, and other European countries. We also provide tools to prepare visa photos for countries such as Russia, China, Japan, and others.

In addition to passport and visa photos, PhotoAiD also helps prepare biometric photos for other documents such as driving licenses, ID cards, and leisure passes. In the UK, driving licenses require a biometric photo, PhotoAiD's online app or tool can crop your photo to the appropriate resolution and prepare a printable file for the application.

Want to take your own photo at home? You can easily use PhotoAiD's DIY tutorial to learn how to pose for the perfect document photo using your smartphone. First, you need someone to take your photo. You then follow a few guidelines to position yourself properly for the photo. Make sure you are standing at a distance of about 0.5m from the wall with good natural lighting, and make sure you are facing straight ahead with your head centered in the frame.

When preparing your photo, PhotoAiD checks for common mistakes that people often make when taking a passport photo. For example, it checks the lighting, cropping, and removes the background professionally using artificial intelligence. The app also meets standard formal requirements such as the right face to photo ratio, head size, and the area that the head should cover.

Finally, PhotoAiD provides a passport photo template, which is a ready-to-use passport photo that you can print yourself at home. With one payment, you can receive photos for several UK documents. In addition, our app is available for iPhone users on the app store, making it easy to take biometric photos on the go.

With PhotoAiD, you save time and money by getting perfect biometric photos for your passport, ID, and visa needs from your smartphone, without ever having to leave your home.