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PDF Candy is an online platform that provides a wide array of easy-to-use tools to convert, edit, and enhance PDF files. With 47 free online PDF tools available, users can compress, split, merge, and much more, all from one place. PDF Candy also offers a desktop version with unlimited file processing and batch capabilities for convenient and efficient PDF management.

PDF Candy is an online software service that enables users to perform many PDF-related tasks with ease. Whether you need to convert, edit, split, compress, merge, or even enhance your PDF file, PDF Candy offers an extensive collection of 47 free online tools to select from. The platform is designed to simplify the whole PDF management process by providing all necessary tools in one location. Unlike traditional PDF management solutions that may require the downloading of multiple products to achieve basic tasks, PDF Candy makes the entire process simple and user-friendly.

Users can drag and drop their PDF files to start converting them into one of 20+ formats. PDF Candy readily transforms PDF into Word, Excel, JPEG, HTML, EPUB, PNG, BMP, RTF, PPT, TXT, and more formats, vice versa. The service also includes other PDF tools that allow you to compress, split, merge, rotate, rearrange, and protect the files.

Setting up PDF Candy is easy and accessible. No additional software installation is required, and the platform can be used on any device with an internet connection. With the PDF Candy Desktop version, users can convert an unlimited number of files right on their PC. This feature offers the benefit of batch processing, which allows users to process many files simultaneously. In addition, the desktop version supports files of any size and maintains full privacy during the conversion process.

PDF Candy has been providing online PDF services since 2016 and has processed over 200 million files to date, making it one of the most reliable tools available for managing PDF files. Join the community of satisfied users and enjoy the convenience of effortless PDF management with PDF Candy.

In conclusion, PDF Candy is the go-to service for all your PDF management needs. Use the 47 powerful tools available online and enjoy the convenience of having them all in one location. Convert, edit, rearrange, crop, resize, and enhance your PDF files effortlessly and convert them to over 20 formats. The PDF Candy Desktop version offers unlimited batch processing capabilities and full privacy for all file conversions. Choose PDF Candy today, and take the stress out of managing your PDF files.