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Automate data entry with AI-powered document capture from Nanonets.

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Reduce manual data entry efforts and turnaround times with Nanonets' AI-powered document capture technology. Validate extracted data quickly and accurately, and customize your data fields all while cutting costs and increasing productivity. Trusted by over 10,000 customers worldwide, Nanonets is the go-to solution for automating document processing.

In today's digital age, manual data entry can be a productivity nightmare. The tedious task, often prone to errors, takes up precious time that could be devoted to more important, strategic business needs. That's where Nanonets comes in, offering an AI-powered document capture technology to automate data entry and increase productivity.

Nanonets capture data from documents instantly and reduce the manual effort required, enabling users to slash turnaround times and focus on what's important. Unlike other generic OCR software, Nanonets utilizes AI to read unseen, semi-structured documents that don't follow a standard template. This ensures that users can extract information from a wide variety of documents with ease.

The technology provides fast and accurate data capture, enabling users to quickly validate extracted data from documents. With Nanonets, customers can capture only what they want and keep data clean and crisp by uploading unstructured invoices from multiple customers but only extracting the fields needed. The platform also allows users to add new fields if required.

As businesses grow, they deal with more transactions and data, and Nanonets is capable of continuous learning to adapt to the expanding user demands. The AI technology learns and improves as usage multiplies, and the model will be able to understand and capture data with higher accuracy each time new documents are processed.

Nanonets seamlessly integrate with various workflow platforms, enabling users to upload documents and export data with ease. Whether it's via email or direct import/export, Nanonets supports existing workflow without disrupting systems.

Trusted by over 10,000 customers globally, Nanonets doesn't disappear behind a paywall. The platform offers a free trial for users so they can experience the product's capabilities. The solution is GDPR compliant, SOC 2 certified, offers fast API response time, and provides on-premises deployment.

Some key benefits of Nanonets include:

- Time savings of up to 90%
- 10x increase in productivity
- GDPR compliant
- Over 1 billion documents processed
- Customized solutions

Nanonets has ready-to-use solutions for most common document types, including invoices, receipts, ID cards, menu cards, resumes, forms, and meter readings. And, the team provides product experts to help with pricing, integrations or to try the app live on your documents.

Nanonets is committed to supporting customers with solutions that benefit them the most. The platform offers resources such as customer success stories, a blog, and a help center to assist users in getting the most out of the technology.

Overall, Nanonets offers an AI-powered document capture technology that automates data entry, reduces the manual effort required, and enhances accuracy and productivity. The platform is GDPR compliant, and offers customized solutions, and continuous learning, making it a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.