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My Queue is a free Chrome extension that allows users to save articles and listen to them on the go. With support for 48 different languages and the ability to use on both desktop and mobile devices, My Queue is the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce their screen time while still learning and staying informed.

My Queue is a revolutionary new tool that allows users to listen to their favorite articles on the go. By simply installing the free Chrome extension and creating a My Queue account, users can save articles from any website directly to their queue, where they can be accessed and listened to anytime, anywhere.

But what makes My Queue truly unique is its support for a whopping 48 different languages, with automatic language detection built right in. This means that no matter what language an article is written in, My Queue will automatically detect it and use a native narrator’s voice for the perfect listening experience.

And with both desktop and mobile support, My Queue is accessible from all your devices. Whether you’re on your laptop, phone, or tablet, you’ll have the same queue and can play from any device.

But the benefits of My Queue go beyond just convenience. With so much time spent in front of screens these days, My Queue is the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce their screen time while still staying informed and learning new things.

So what will be on your queue? With My Queue, the possibilities are endless. You can curate your own list of interesting articles to listen to, from the latest news to deep-dive insights on your favorite topics. And with a simple copy-paste feature, adding articles to your queue is quick and easy.

Plus, My Queue is completely free, so getting started is a breeze. Simply create your account, install the Chrome extension, and start listening today.

At My Queue, we take your privacy seriously, and we’re committed to keeping your data safe and secure. You can read our full privacy policy and terms of service on our website.

So why wait? Start listening and learning on the go with My Queue today!