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MapDeduce uses AI to help users understand any document by summarizing, providing insights and spotting potential red-flags. The service supports documents in any language and keeps document content private. User feedback is encouraged to improve the service quality. Upload PDF text only with image recognition and support for more file types coming soon.

MapDeduce is an AI-powered document analysis service that aims to help users unlock universal understanding by providing insights and summarizations from complex documents. The service not only summarizes documents, but also equips users to ask the right questions based on document type and spot potential red-flag terms in agreements.

The service is accessible to users who upload PDF text-only documents. Although image recognition and support for more file types is in the pipeline, the service is currently limited to text-only PDF documents. However, users who upload documents can be assured that the contents of the documents are kept private and not used for any training purposes.

One of the unique selling points of MapDeduce is its multilingual support. The service is capable of analyzing documents in any language, which makes it an ideal tool for users in diverse fields.

Any user feedback is greatly encouraged to help improve the quality of the service. The team behind MapDeduce understands that there is always room for improvement and seeks to provide the best service possible.

MapDeduce was developed to simplify the use of complex documents by summarizing them in a concise and understandable manner. The service can be used in a variety of settings, including business, legal, and academic settings.

The ultimate goal of MapDeduce is to empower users with the ability to interpret and understand the contents of any document with ease. In the near future, the service will also offer comparative insight into similar documents.

In conclusion, MapDeduce is an innovative tool that utilizes AI to simplify document analysis. The multilingual support, ability to summarize documents and identify potential red-flags, and user feedback options make MapDeduce a valuable tool for anyone who deals with complex documents.