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AI-powered text to image and pre-curated, high quality, unique icon sets. Speak your graphics and icons into existence, directly in Figma.

Magestic AI is every designer's new best friend that empowers you to create stunning graphics and icons in literally seconds. Save hours of your precious time every day with this revolutionary tool that allows you to speak your graphics and icons into existence directly in Figma!

This innovative design platform eliminates your need for traditional design skills, letting you describe your design concepts using simple English language. You can generate endless graphics in countless permutations with ease, thanks to Magestic AI'S extensive library of use cases and a dedicated style library to fulfill every niche.

But that's not all! With Magestic AI, you get total autonomy over your design assets. All images generated using this tool are exclusively yours, with no copyright or licensing issues to worry about. You can use your designs for personal or commercial purposes, and never lose your rights to them.

Magestic AI has achieved worldwide fame, with users praising its seamless functionality that saves them hours of precious time each day. Designers everywhere are thrilled over how Magestic AI has become an exceptional addition to their daily workflow.

So why wait? Unlock unlimited potential by signing up for Magestic AI today and unleash your creative powers like never before.


What are the different pricing plans for Magestic AI?

Magestic AI has three different pricing plans: Sorcerer, Wizard, and Druid. The Sorcerer Plan is perfect for light use and offers up to 25 unique assets, labelled style libraries, full image rights, curated icon sets, and email support all for just $5/mo. The Wizard Plan is great for heavy usage and developers, and offers up to 100 unique assets, two-seat usage, labelled style libraries, full image rights, curated icon sets, priority email support all for only $18/mo. The Druid Plan is perfect for organizations and big teams and offers unlimited seats, 300+ unique assets, labelled style libraries, full image rights, premium icon sets, and 1:1 Slack support for $50/mo.