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Transform your calendar into a collaborative workspace with Loopin. Automate tasks, manage meeting notes, and plan productive workdays in one platform. Trusted by teams and managers, Loopin offers integrations with popular work apps and insights for optimizing your time. Try for free and reclaim your workday now.

Loopin Productivity Assistant is a powerful collaborative solution that transforms your calendar into a workspace where you and your team can manage meetings, notes, and tasks efficiently. The platform helps teams plan productive workdays, automate low leverage work, and optimize meeting outcomes. With integrations with popular work apps and insights for optimizing your time, Loopin is a productivity assistant you can trust.

Loopin makes meetings actionable and purposeful with relevant context, notes, and next steps auto-organized into a collaborative workspace. You can manage meeting notes, capture tasks from anywhere, and get an aggregated view of all tasks in one place. With Loopin, you can prioritize and get more done easily.

The platform enables you to balance time between meetings and tasks, block time for important work, and automate low leverage work. Loopin allows you to auto-share meeting outcomes and assign action items with automated follow-ups, eliminating the need for status update meetings.

Loopin is like a second brain for your work, providing context from related meetings and notes and calendar insights for optimizing time. The platform works seamlessly with other apps like Gmail, Slack, Zoom, Notion, Asana, and Trello, keeping everyone in the loop.

With Loopin, you can save money and time spent in meetings. The platform provides insights on the average time and money saved per year based on the number of participants, average hourly salary, and hours spent in meetings every day.

To get started with Loopin, sign up with your Google Workspace account, connect your apps, and start experiencing a whole new way to run meetings and manage your tasks. Loopin offers solutions for automating standup and status update meetings, preparing for productive brainstorming sessions, and ensuring effective action items.

Try Loopin for free today and collaborate, plan, and automate with ease. Contact Loopin at hello@loopinhq.com or +1 (650) 382-3850 for more information.