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"Get AI-assisted patent searches with IPscreener and stay ahead in the innovation game. Validate your ideas, discover trends and competitors and collaborate more efficiently with your team. With over 20,000 cases successfully analysed and maximum security guaranteed, IPscreener is your go-to source for patent intelligence."

Innovation is the key to success in today's technology-driven world. But with so many ideas in the air, how can you be sure that yours is unique? IPscreener is the answer to all your patent search needs, offering AI-assisted solutions that can help you find similar solutions, technology trends, and competitor activities. Let's explore what makes IPscreener such a smart choice for inventors and researchers alike.

Easy Patent Searching:
With IPscreener, the process of discovering whether your idea is new or already invented by someone else becomes a breeze. Their AI-powered patent search offers quick and accurate results that can help you validate your ideas in no time. You no longer have to waste precious time and resources on manual searches that may yield incomplete or irrelevant results. IPscreener's intelligent and comprehensive search gives you the edge over others in the race for innovation.

Smart Overview:
IPscreener's tailored dashboard offers an at-a-glance view of trends, activities, and competitors in the innovation landscape. This smart overview empowers inventors and researchers to stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions based on real-time market intelligence. IPscreener's AI also offers assisted discovery of the innovation landscape for specific purposes, giving you the power to customize your search parameters and refine your strategy according to your needs.

Smooth Collaboration:
Collaborating with your team is essential to drive innovation and maximize its potential. With IPscreener, you can work together more efficiently, save and share results, generate smart and instant reports, and follow up easily. IPscreener offers two modes for getting started depending on your experience level - "I have an idea" for beginners and "I work with IP" for skilled searchers. IPscreener's AI streamlines the patent search process and improves collaboration and communication among team members, making them more productive and effective.

Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide:
IPscreener is the go-to choice for patent intelligence by industry leaders worldwide. Over 20,000 cases have been successfully analyzed with IPscreener at an average speed of 2.9 seconds for a worldwide search. IPscreener covers 80% of all tech knowledge and guarantees maximum security for your data. Each IPscreener account is a private and encrypted vault within an off-cloud facility. IPscreener offers the maximum level of security, safeguarding your personal data, invention ideas, changes of your AI, and all restricted property for your eyes only.

A Treasure of Knowledge Hidden in Patents:
IPscreener is not just a tool for patent search. It is a treasure trove of knowledge hidden in patents waiting to be discovered. With IPscreener, you can unlock the hidden treasure of knowledge in patents and stay ahead in the innovation game. IPscreener offers extensive documentation and support to help you get started and make the most of its features. IPscreener is Copyright 2021 - All rights reserved and uses cookies for an enhanced user experience.