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HARPA AI is a Chrome extension and AI-powered NoCode RPA platform that saves time and money by automating tasks on the web for you. It provides AI answers to search queries, summarizes web pages, extracts structural data, tracks product prices and stock availability, monitors articles and legislations, detects changes in competitor sites, and more. Boost your productivity with HARPA AI.

HARPA AI is a game-changing Chrome extension that automates tasks on the web for you, saving you precious time and money while greatly increasing your productivity. With HARPA AI, you get access to AI-powered search answers, web page summarization, structural data extraction, product price and stock monitoring, article and legislation monitoring, competitor site change detection, and much more. HARPA AI is based on a hybrid AI engine built on top of ChatGPT and its own Machine Learning, ensuring that it is highly accurate and reliable. By installing HARPA AI in your browser, you can boost your productivity significantly, making it the future of web browsing and automation.

Whether you're a marketer, copywriter, HR professional, engineer, or product developer, HARPA AI can help you achieve your goals by automating and streamlining many web-related tasks. HARPA AI enables you to segment your audience, research SEO keywords, create marketing strategies, generate blog outlines and articles, and generate any type of text content, from Twitter tweets to YouTube video scripts and Amazon descriptions. HARPA AI helps you improve your resume, write LinkedIn replies, generate Upwork cover letters and Fiverr gigs, and even write and inspect code while getting answers to StackOverflow questions with AI. HARPA AI can also help you get instant help with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel formulas and generate macros with AI, making it a powerful tool for boosting your productivity.

HARPA AI is safe, fast, and optimized for performance. It does not store website data on remote servers and only performs the tasks you have asked it to. HARPA AI uses a hybrid AI engine built on top of ChatGPT and its own Machine Learning to perform web automation tasks. Once installed as a Chrome extension in the browser, HARPA AI turns web pages into text content using Machine Learning and runs them through ChatGPT to answer your questions. Web and price monitoring automation tasks run in the background on your machine and do not go through the ChatGPT system.

Join the future of web browsing and automation with HARPA AI. It is currently free to use, and the HARPA AI team is continuously adding new features to make it an optimal product. The HARPA AI team consists of passionate IT engineers from Finland who are dedicated to designing and building high-quality software systems and RPA solutions. Install HARPA AI in your browser today and experience a new level of productivity and efficiency.