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Revolutionize Your Customer Conversations with AI-powered Meeting Recording

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Grain is an AI-powered tool that automates note-taking, record-keeping and insight capture from every customer conversation. Trusted by over 100k users, Grain is accessible and useful for everyone, enabling customer-focused teams from across any company to record, transcribe, and clip moments from research interviews, sales calls, and customer meetings.

Grain is an AI-powered tool designed to take your customer conversations to new heights by automating note-taking, recording-keeping, and insight capture. With Grain, you can record, transcribe, and clip key moments from every customer conversation, enabling you and your customer-focused teams to focus on the conversation at hand without having to worry about taking notes manually or remembering every little detail.

Trusted by over 100k users from various industries and businesses, Grain is accessible and useful for everyone, ensuring that every team member gets the opportunity to be a customer advocate. Grain's AI-powered meeting recording feature allows you to easily recall, clip, and share key moments from your customer meetings, summarizing and sharing information efficiently with the rest of your team.

Grain's effortless native integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Notion, and more means that customer insights can be easily shared with anyone, anywhere, streamlining the process and enhancing collaboration within teams. Grain makes it easy for customer-focused teams from across any company, including sales, hiring and recruiting, user research, and customer success, to use and benefit from its features.

Grain's AI technology is capable of identifying the key moments in your meetings, providing you with an accurate summary that allows you to focus your attention on what matters most. The pain of extracting information is a thing of the past with Grain, enabling you to effortlessly extract golden nuggets from conversations with ease.

At Grain, we are committed to providing top-notch security and training services, ensuring that your team's data and insights remain secure and safe at all times. Try Grain for free and revolutionize the way you approach customer conversations. Grain is the perfect tool for any company that wants to enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and drive business growth. Try it out and see the difference for yourself!