Take the Guesswork out of Marketing

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GETitOUT is the perfect solution for marketing professionals, freelancers, and agencies to streamline their marketing efforts. With buyer personas, benefit analysis, and competitor research, it takes the guesswork out of marketing. Generate stunning websites, landing pages, and emails quickly and easily with GETitOUT's professional texts and designs.

GETitOUT is a comprehensive platform that offers essential B2B marketing tools to streamline marketing efforts. Marketing works better when it is tailored to buyer personas, and GETitOUT's Persona Generator extracts competition information to generate texts that can be used in websites, emails, and marketing tools. It is a great tool for Marketing Agencies & Pros as it facilitates faster onboarding of their clients and helps them analyze their product, market, and competition. The result is beautiful deliverables from brand books to landing pages and presentations and happy clients. The platform is also helpful for Incubators, VCs & Consultants to assist startups and founders to get their marketing right from the beginning and develop products that customers want. For In-House Marketing Teams, GETitOUT's centralized platform provides clarity about their ideal clients and offers and helps analyze their competition to stand out from the crowd. With ready-to-use landing pages, emails, and more, GETitOUT generates compelling texts that work and are professionally structured.

GETitOUT's Marketing Analyzer helps build a strong marketing foundation with buyer personas, benefits analysis, competitor research, and more. Marketing Builder generates professional landing pages, emails, presentations, and promotional materials that are ready to use, with compelling texts in the right structure and design. The result is a consistent and professional marketing system that attracts and converts clients.

Moreover, GETitOUT understands the need for personalized attention and has developed several features to help users achieve success. The platform offers a personal Marketing Coach, who can assist in building marketing from the ground up and ensure that it aligns with the user's particular needs. Weekly coaching sessions are available to discuss challenges, gain clarity, and understand what to do next. The platform's library of step-by-step videos provides additional support to recap, follow along, and learn new marketing strategies along the way.

GETitOUT is perfect for marketing professionals, freelancers, or agencies looking for a comprehensive marketing platform that takes the guesswork out of marketing. The platform is easy to use, and with its professional texts and designs, it can help save time and increase productivity. Start your free trial today and streamline your marketing efforts today.