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Fibery AI is a work and knowledge hub that uses AI for space creation, text automation, and tasks delegation. Experiment with your process, improve your writing, and brainstorm ideas without leaving the context where you work and think. With Fibery's AI Assistant, you can automate boring repetitive tasks, extract data, and summarise meeting notes. Sign up now and get a sneak peek of Fibery AI.

Fibery AI is the work and knowledge hub that combines space creation, text automation, and task delegation in one platform. Powered by OpenAI GPT-3.5 API, Fibery AI goes beyond text and document editing and helps you automate repetitive tasks with AI, simplify space creation, and soon analyze data with reports.

Brainstorm, automate, and experiment with Fibery AI in the same context where you work and think. The platform's AI is designed to help your team work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Fibery AI is here to make sure you spend less time on repetitive and mundane tasks and more time on what matters most - your business.

With Fibery AI, you can experiment with your process easily. Quickly create customised spaces that meet your requirements and reward yourself with eight hours of rest after setting up a new custom space in just two minutes. Get a full-blown space with databases, relations, an overview guide, some sample data, and views. Iterate and experiment to improve the space settings anytime.

Fibery AI's AI Assistant allows you to brainstorm ideas, improve your writing, and plan without procrastinating on it. Create a Twitter thread from release notes, invent a title for an article, or do a checklist of tasks for a feature. Fibery AI will automate text automation tasks and extract data from your meeting notes and chats, summarising them for you.

Fibery AI's AI Assistant is designed to help you work faster, calmer, and without being distracted by repetitive tasks. With preset Automation Rules or Buttons, you can fill text, number, or rich-text fields without being bothered. Choose the command temperature and control how predictable or creative the result will be. Quickly create your own commands for frequent cases, and keep them private or share them with the team.

Fibery AI's AI Assistant also allows you to experiment with AI-supported report generation and knowledge assistant. You can aggregate customer feedback from many sources, link feedback to features, make smart decisions about priorities, and invent new ideas together. Fibery AI allows you to set strategy, connect it to execution, validate ideas, research your market, and do stuff. Stay focused and discover new insights.

Fibery AI is designed to be affordable for everyone. Sign up now and get 100 requests for free in text and space creation. Estimating the cost of use can be difficult. However, we believe that it will cost you ~$2-4 per month per user with heavy usage. Note: if you use AI in Automations, you can spend more money in your OpenAI account way faster.

Fibery AI is a work and knowledge hub for your startup that is rated 4.8 on G2 Solutions. All this content is for you, not for SEO (doesn't work anyway). Fibery AI is a complex tool that focuses on connected processes that is suitable for Product management, User research, Startup, Software development, and Digital agencies. Join the Fibery community and drop any questions and feedback that you have to their support chat.