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Endurance is an iPhone and Apple Watch app that automates training planning for athletes. With machine learning and workout data analysis, it generates personalized, infinite training plans according to race goals and health data.

Endurance is an innovative training app that caters to the unique needs of every athlete. It automates training planning and scheduling, freeing up valuable time so that athletes can focus on their goals. Available on iPhone and Apple Watch, the app uses machine learning and workout data analysis to generate a personalized, infinite training plan based on individual health data and race goals.

With Endurance, athletes can rely on an AI-powered coach that optimizes their training schedules for peak performance on race day. The intelligent and adaptive training plans are designed to adapt to each athlete's body, capability, and fitness level, providing a unique, customized plan based on health data, adherence to training, and other factors.

Endurance also analyzes workout history stored in Apple Health to build an intelligent model of an athlete's current fitness and training load. This ensures that the training plan is designed to suit their body's recovery and training pattern while minimizing the potential for injury.

The app features a race goal tracker that keeps track of upcoming races, race goals, and race results. Athletes can get reliable race time predictions and better results on race day with a training plan that adapts to health and fitness data in real-time. The adaptive training plans help athletes avoid overtraining and the risk of injury while ensuring they can achieve their goals.

Endurance is designed and engineered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a focus on providing a user-friendly and experience-enhancing training tool for athletes. With the app's privacy policy and terms of use, users can trust that their workout and health data are not shared with third parties, and their privacy is respected.

In conclusion, Endurance is a reliable, adaptive, and infinitely personalized training app for athletes looking to improve their performance. With its innovative features and AI-powered coaching, Endurance is a game-changer for athletes ready to take their training to the next level. Download the app today and start your journey to better performance!