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Lightning-fast model finetuning.

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Dreambooth is a cost-effective and privacy-conscious platform for lightning-fast model finetuning. With unbeatable speed, robust and scalable API, and discounted pricing packages, Dreambooth is the perfect solution for all your training needs.

 Dreambooth is a platform that offers lightning-fast model finetuning, making it one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available in the market. With over 10,000 steps in just 15 minutes, and a cost of $0.75 to $1 per run, Dreambooth enables users to fine-tune their models in just minutes. The platform is extremely robust and scalable too, with the ability to scale up to 1000s of runs per day. Additionally, the API provided by Dreambooth is powerful enough to power applications without worrying about spinning up instances or finding GPU quotas. And if you're concerned about privacy, Dreambooth has got that covered too – all uploaded images and trained models are deleted after 48 hours.

Dreambooth offers a range of pricing packages to suit all your training needs, including discounts for early access. These packages include 6 tokens for $6 or 8, 30 tokens for $25 or 30, 120 tokens for $90 or 120, 500 tokens for $375 or 400, and 1000 tokens for $750 with up to 1,000 finetuning runs at a cost of $0.75 per run.

Dreambooth has an extensive FAQ section on their website, answering questions regarding the use of uploaded images, the quality of speed, the ability to train models on objects or styles, and the use of trained models in AUTOMATIC1111. The testimonials on the website speak volumes about the quality of service offered by Dreambooth, with users being blown away by the speed and quality of the results generated by the models.

In terms of documentation, Dreambooth offers in-depth pricing details, API integration, and AUTOMATIC1111 and DiffusionBee documentation. Additionally, the platform is available on social media platforms like Discord, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Finally, Dreambooth is committed to protecting the privacy and data of its users, as outlined in their legal terms, privacy and cookie policies. By using this website, users agree to the use of cookies, which are used to allow the website to run effectively. Users can easily close their browser if they don't want to accept the use of cookies. Overall, Dreambooth is a trusted platform that offers a solution for users looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to fine-tune their models.