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Double-check posts on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram with Debunkd. Our web app and browser extension help you verify trending news, distinguish between real and AI-generated images, and ensure the accuracy of information. With over 1,000 statements fact-checked about sports, politics, music, and more, join the fight against misinformation and install the Debunkd extension today.

In a world where misinformation spreads like wildfire, Debunkd stands at the forefront, providing a powerful tool to combat false narratives and promote a trustworthy digital environment. With our web app and browser extension, users can now verify the authenticity of posts on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram.

Trending news often becomes a hotbed for fake stories, misleading information, and viral hoaxes. Debunkd's web app and extension empower users to fact-check these posts, ensuring they don't fall victim to misinformation. By cross-checking the provided information with reputable internet sources, Debunkd's AI-powered fact checker offers users a comprehensive analysis of the credibility of statements made in tweets, news articles, or even ChatGPT responses.

In today's digital landscape, images play a significant role in shaping public opinion and narratives. However, with the rise of AI-generated images, it has become increasingly challenging to distinguish between authentic and manipulated content. Debunkd tackles this problem head-on with its AI Image Detector. Whether it's a photo from a website, a shared image in a chat, or a picture saved on your device, the AI Image Detector analyzes various properties, patterns, and metadata to determine whether the image is AI-generated or human-made. Users receive a detailed percentage breakdown of the image's authenticity, empowering them to make informed judgments.

Debunkd's web app and browser extension have garnered praise from users who have experienced the power of accurate fact-checking and content verification. As the backup dev aptly puts it, "this could help a lot of people to verify if news are real or not, which would be very useful." With the extension becoming a must-have for individuals heavily reliant on Twitter for news consumption, Mk Mukthar states, "A must-have extension for anyone who spends a lot of time on Twitter and gets most news from there."

In the fight against misinformation, Debunkd encourages users to join its mission and install the extension. By doing so, users actively contribute to a more trustworthy digital landscape, where information is vetted and verified. With over 1,000 statements fact-checked in various domains such as sports, politics, music, and more, Debunkd is committed to continuously expanding its fact-checking capabilities and providing users with credible sources and accurate information.

Take control of your digital experience and equip yourself with the tools to combat misinformation. Install the Debunkd extension today and be a part of the solution.