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Brandwise is the ultimate AI-powered brand manager that effectively shields your brand from hateful, damaging, racist comments, and spam on your social media posts and ads. With customized keywords and sentiment analysis, Brandwise automatically moderates comments in many languages and identifies comments that demand a response. Get started with the 7-day trial.

In the current digital age, social media platforms offer a competitive landscape for brands looking to market their products or services. While it provides an opportunity for brands to spread their message, social media can also be a breeding ground for hateful, damaging, and racist comments. These comments reflect poorly on the brand's image and can quickly spiral out of control. In this regard, AI-powered brand managers, such as Brandwise, are coming to the rescue of many brands.

Brandwise is an intelligent and comprehensive brand manager that helps businesses moderate their social media posts' comments and ads. It automatically hides away comments that contain harmful keywords, sentiments, or spam. This way, your brand's reputation remains intact, and no derogatory comment goes unnoticed.

Sentiment analysis is one of the features that make Brandwise stand out. The AI-powered brand manager employs machine learning algorithms to understand the comments' sentiment and hid those that may damage the brand's online reputation. Besides protecting your brand image, Brandwise allows you to customize the keywords to ensure that any potentially harmful comments matching them are automatically removed.

Brandwise is a multi-lingual brand manager that can moderate comments in over 95 different languages. This feature makes it easier for brands conducting global marketing campaigns to ensure that their online reputation is intact in all the regions they cater to.

The dashboard is another feature that makes Brandwise unique. Moderating social media comments and identifying those that require a response from the brand is effortless with Brandwise. Comments that need a response are automatically flagged for quick attention, and you can reply easily in the dashboard. Brandwise also depicts filter stats by page and allows you to reply to comments in the dashboard.

Brandwise is flexible in terms of pricing. It offers a 7-day trial before enrolling in the monthly subscription plans, which start at $20 for individuals and small brands. The Pro plan, which costs $79 per month, is ideal for teams with several pages and higher volume engagement. It not only has unlimited social media accounts but also allows up to 10,000 comments monthly. For large brands, marketing agencies, and growing companies, the Enterprise plan is a perfect fit. The Enterprise plan offers unlimited social media accounts, priority support, custom capabilities, and everything in the Pro plan for a negotiable price.

In conclusion, Brandwise is an incredibly useful tool for any brand looking to safeguard its online reputation. The AI-powered brand manager eliminates derogatory comments, keeps the brand image secure, and ensures a positive brand reputation across all social media platforms. By signing up, you can rest assured that your brand's reputation is managed in the best way possible.