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Best AI tool website

AiHunt is an aggregation website for AI tools inspired by ProductHunt. The website is new but has already curated one of the largest collection of latest AI tools so far. The company aims to build the AI community of builders and users together where anyone can find the best tools in AI and read the latest news and research related to the field. In the roadmap of the website they also have a forum for discussion where anyone can share anything related to artificial intelligence be it Midjourney prompts or getting help for installing stable diffusion or chatgpt prompts for best results.


  • Different AI tool categories like Image generator tools, Video generation tools, Copy Writing tools and more.
  • Different filters for finding the AI tool of your need like Free, Paid or Paid with free options. 
  • AI news section where you can read about all the trending news in AI field.
  • Submit tool section where you can submit any tool you like for free.
  • A discord community for users to share thoughts and discussions
  • AI Image of the day with daily AI generated image along with the prompt used for design inspiration. The company also has an instagram page where it shares AI generated images.
  • Newsletter for subscribers with daily dose of AI content packed in a short summary.


AiHunt website is completely free to use by users. The website charges a small fee from companies to get their tool listed if it is a paid tool. For getting your AI startup listed you can contact them at



What are the best AI tools?

There are different AI tools for different use cases and it depends on the task you are trying to achieve. For copywriting Jasper is among the best as it has support for teams and provides many predefined templates. Similarly for image generation Midjourney produces the best results. You can go though different AI tools and find the best for your particular use case since there is no single tool that can perform all the tasks.

How to find AI tools?

There are different websites that list different Artificial Intelligence AI tools and curate them so users can easily find the appropriate tool according to their use. AiHunt is one of them, it offers multiple categories and filters along with an advanced search which lets users find the tool they are looking for in no time.