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AI Chat Bestie is an enhanced UI for ChatGPT that connects directly to the OpenAI API for faster responses and searchable chat history. Enjoy always available chat history and the convenience of leaving your tab open without logging back in. Bring your own key and access all base features for free.

Are you tired of slow typing animations and the inconvenience of having to log back in every time you want to chat with someone? Look no further than AI Chat Bestie, the enhanced UI for ChatGPT that supercharges your conversations with its lightning-fast response times and always-available chat history.

By connecting directly to the OpenAI API, AI Chat Bestie bypasses slow typing animations and delivers quicker and more accurate responses to your messages. Plus, with its searchable chat history feature, you can easily dig up old conversations and find lost answers without having to scroll through endless chat logs.

Unlike other chat platforms that require registration and intermediaries, AI Chat Bestie keeps everything local within your browser. This means that storing keys, chats, and sending messages are done directly in the browser, ensuring your privacy and keeping your information secure.

Best of all, AI Chat Bestie is free to use! With the option to bring your own key, you can access all base features for free and get your own OpenAI API key for free as well. So why wait? Start supercharging your conversations today with AI Chat Bestie's enhanced UI for ChatGPT.